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Our Socks are made in Donegal, situated on the north west coast of Ireland, Donegal has for centuries old tradition of sock making, a craft which has passed on from generation to generation.

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Fairisle Socks

Our 100% Wool Socks are made in Donegal and are extremely comfortable and can be used for everyday use, outdoor activities or even as slippers at home.

From the people
From the people
Very well made. Highly recommend.
— Alexander
From the people
Fantastic! Very happy with my purchase :)
— Pam
From the people
Beautiful, cozy, warm, feel great on my feet.
— Milena

Top Products

Merino Wool Aran Scarf

Knitted from a Merino Wool, so both soft and luxurious to the touch, available in various colours, it is both simple and versatile. Our Traditional Aran Stitch scarves are a customer favourite.

Irish Lambswool Stole

Our Supersoft Lambswool Herringbones Scarves are luxuriously and so Soft! They come in an array of classic colours and are finished with a fringe. A truly timeless and classic piece that will instantly make you feel special and warm!

Donegal Tweed Flat Cap

Our Donegal Tweed Flat Cap has the history and tradition of Donegal Tweed woven into each piece of fabric. Our Craftspeople use the same skills and craft methods as handed down through the generations.